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About the Artist

From the smallest deer to the largest mammals, my family and I love to hunt and enjoy the great outdoors.

Giraffe from Namibia, Africa 2007

Bethany McBride 54" Kudu Namibia 2007

Ashlyn McBride - Springbuck Namibia 2007

Greg - Blue Wildebeest, Namibia 2007

Archery Warthog - Namibia 2007

    Trails End Wildlife Artistry is owned and operated by Greg McBride. My Studio is located in Gilbert, Arizona.  I am a full time professional taxidermist dedicated to the re-creation of your trophy.
     I specialize in the Coues Deer which thrive in the desert southwest. These are a sub-species of  more commonly known whitetail deer. Although I specialize in these diminutive deer, I can properly mount or re-create any huntable species provided they were properly cared for when harvested.
    I began my career learning taxidermy at the early age of 9 years old. This started with a pigeon mount harvested in what is now Litchfield Park, AZ.  I studied bird taxidermy up through college before I took on the challenge of mammal and fish taxidermy. Taxidermy wise I am self taught. When I first took an interest into this form of art we did not have video's or "how to" books. This, I believe, has made me a better taxidermist by learning the hard way.
       My educational background includes an Associates Degree in Computer Science, Bachelor's  Degree in Computer Information Systems along with a Masters Certificate in Accounting. My love for taxidermy and sculpting brought me back from a corporate position to what I really enjoy. My educational background has helped me to operate a successful business in one of the toughest professions to earn a living at today.


Hartmann's Mtn Zebra - Namibia 2007